Poteryamerican - White Oak Press, A beautiful Angel, I still do not have the book.

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I`m Cassandra Eckhardt, I had public my poem A beautiful Angel, June 13, 2008, and I still do not see my poem it have been 3 years now and I still do see my poem, I had written from the bottom of my heart.

Please can one of your representator or pubicator contact me as soon as possible at 315-942-5172 or cassandra_eckhardt@yahoo.com, by the end of this week and o later than next week.

I had used my grandparents money to pay for my poem, A Beautiful Angel to be public in one of your book and I still do not see the book, I pay 19.95 for my poem to be public.

Please contact me as soon as possible 315-942-5172 or cassandra_eckhardt@yahoo.com

Thank you

Cassandra Eckhardt

Review about: Book With My Poem.

Monetary Loss: $19.


Boonville, New York, United States #946247

Excuse me; please do not make fun of me I have spastic Dipledgia cerebral palsy, and I work very on that poem; I had written on my cousin, A Beautiful Angel.



Kholargos, Attica, Greece #227597

Received your private e mail reply to my answer to your rant.

100% scam complaint... your excuses of suffering from every disease known to man just does not add up after reading your very clearly written e mail!!

And by the way, your poem stinks anyhow!!!

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